Stand 2010-2013

Charlie Hahn’s Stand (2011) is an installation that utilizes basic perspective drawing as an ultimate virtuality. Lines and forms are juxtaposed on the surface of real life in bigger than life scale, visually interacting throughout their distortion, revealing that the distortions are constructed by socio-virtual perspectival standpoints toward pre-virtualized elements. Informed by the ‘80s French group, Supports/Surfaces, which was aimed at disrupting and redeploying the canvas and the stretcher through folding, crumpling and tying methods, Hahn expands on these strategies by destabilizing the surface and the frame all together through geometrical traces or fragments, showing a gathering of arbitrary and unrelated indexes. Instead of a projected ideal world that evolves continuously and linearly, what we end up with is a fragmentary model of a world of chaos. In any case, chaos here does not mean destruction, but its opposite: the infinite possibilities of the collective imaginary in the actual experiences of time and space. (Written by Denise Carvalho)

찰리한의 작업은 궁극적 가상성을 표현하기 위해 도형 드로잉을 사용하고있다. 실제공간의 표면에 병렬된 선과 면은 왜곡적으로 해체되어 구축되어있다. 이 왜상(Distortion)은 우리가 사회-가상적 관점에서 바라보는 시점이며 이미 구축된 가상의 요소들을 향하고 있다. 인류가 목표로하는 이상적인 세계는 선형적으로 계속해서 진화하고 있다. 그와 달리, 우리가 직면한 세상은 혼돈(Chaos)의 단편적 모델로 귀결된다. 여기서 혼돈은 해체를 의미하지 않으며 시공간에 대한 실제경험과 집단적상상의 무한가능성을 의미한다. (비평. 드니스 카라발요)

::Stand - Beyond Museum, Seoul (1'06")

::Stand - Run & Hide, Beyond Museum, Seoul (34" looped)

::Stand - Chelsea Museum, NY (7'35")